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Cancun Interviews

1 of 5 Daniel Ivan, Radio La Voladora (part 1) 4 mb A two-part interview with Daniel Ivan from Radio La Voladora, pirate community radio in Mexico City. He was interviewed live on Radio Hurakan from Indy Media Cancun. In the first part of the interview, Iban talks about the station’s history and purpose, as well as the lack of government support for community radio in Mexico. Part one ends with Iban discussing the station’s temporary closure after a not-so-friendly visit from government agents. Download mp3

2 of 5 Daniel Ivan, Radio La Voltura (part 2) 4 mb Part two continues the story of Radio La Voladora’s temporary shut down, and he speaks about the need for both pirate and licensed community radio. Download mp3

3 of 5 Stephen Dunifer, Free Radio Berkeley 4 mb Dunifer, of Free Radio Berkeley (FRB), is no stranger to anyone involved in the movement for liberating the airwaves. After launching FRB in 1993, Dunifer has since found himself in the midst of ongoing legal battles with the FCC and at the forefront of the movement for micro broadcasting. Here, he talks about the need for community radio in Mexico and Latin America, his desire to help build a common place to share technical skills and tools, and the workshop he conducted during the alternative media convergence, Tidal Wave Cancun, which took place just prior to the start of the WTO resistance. Download mp3

4 of 5 Ruben Gonzalez Comunidad de Cosoltepec de Oaxaca, Radio Tupa 4 mb Ruben Gonzalez is a lawyer from Oaxaca who took part in Stephen Dunifer’s broadcasting workshop as part of Indy Media’s alternative media workshop, Tidal Wave Cancun. He represents the Comunidad de Cosoltepec de Oaxaca, and Radio Tupa, a mobile radio station that brings production training and distribution to communities throughout Oaxaca. When asked if he came to the workshop to learn technical skills, he replied he was there to build a network of community radio. The state of Oaxaca itself has only sixteen community radio stations despite its size and 570 municipalities. (Spanish & English) Download mp3

5 of 5 Sasha Costanza -Chock, Free Press Media Reform Network 10:12 min, 4 mb Costanza-Chock discusses WTO plans to include communication and culture under their domain, and why it’s crucial for media democracy, as well as the future of community and public service broadcasting that such policy not fall into the WTO’s hands. Download mp3

Photo Slide Shows

Installation of radio station: Tseltal Pueblo, North of San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico - click

 About 50 photos documenting the weekend installation of a 40 watt community radio station

Transmitter Building Workshop Tour - Mexico, September 2006 - click

Project TUPA conducted 3 transmitter building workshops in Mexico during the month of September 2006. Approximately 40 people attended the workshops which were held in Mexico City, Juchitan in the State of Oaxaca and San Cristobal de la Casas in the State of Chiapas. 21 transmitters and a slightly lesser number of antennas were constructed and will be used to either set up new community radio stations in mostly indigenous regions or serve as back-up transmittter for existing stations. Antendees gained the technical knowledge to maintain and repair their community radio stations.

Transmitter Building Workshops - Oaxaca, Mexico, January/February 2007 - click

With the struggle currently taking place in the state of Oaxaca, placing effective communications technology in the hands of the indigenous communities is extremely important. To that end, two 5 day transmitter and antenna building worskshops were conducted in the City of Oaxaca. During the course of the two weeks, representatives from 24 communities reflecting the diversity and breadth of Oaxaca built a total of 24 transmitter and antennas. In addition, workshops were given on the political, social, cutural and practical aspects of creating and running a community radio station. A follow-up program on the progress of these 24 communities will be conducted during the course of the year to see how well they are doing and to offer assistance as needed. A technical support and training center has been established in the City of Oaxaca to provide ongoing support - it is known as Oaxaca TUPA.

Transmitter Building Workshops - Oaxaca, Mexico, January/February 2007 #2 - click

Video Streams

Radio Chanul Pom - 18 minutes Real Video format - click